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치아마모의 진단
Diagnosis of tooth wear
J Dent Rehabil Appl Sci 2019;35(3):113-122
Published online September 30, 2019
© 2019 Korean Academy of Stomatognathic Function and Occlusion.

이혜선, 고경호, 허윤혁, 박찬진, 조리라*
Hyeseon Lee, Kyung-Ho Ko, Yoon-Hyuk Huh, Chan-Jin Park, Lee-Ra Cho*

강릉원주대학교 치과대학 보철학교실 및 구강과학연구소

Department of Prosthodontics and Research Institute of Oral Science, College of Dentistry, Gangneung-Wonju National University, Gangneung, Republic of Korea
Lee-Ra Cho
Professor, Department of Prosthodontics, College of Dentistry, Gangneung-Wonju National University, 7 Jukheon-gil, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do, 25457, Republic of Korea
Tel: +82-33-640-3153, Fax: +82-33-640-3103, E-mail:
Received June 17, 2019; Revised July 16, 2019; Accepted July 19, 2019.
cc This is an Open-Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License ( which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
치아마모는 수명증가에 따라 점차 빈도가 증가하는 추세이다. 특히 초기마모 상태에서 치료계획을 잘 수립하여 중등도 마모로 진행하지 않도록 치료계획을 세우는 것이 중요하다. 치아마모의 치료계획을 수립하기 위해서는 치아마모를 정확하게 진단하는 것이 중요하다. 치아마모에 영향을 주는 위험인자는 나이, 식단, 약물 등이 있다. 치아마모를 진단하기 위해 적절한 지표와 평가법을 선택해야 한다. 치아마모 측정지표들은 TWI, Lussi index, BEWE, TWES 등이 존재하며 치아마모 평가방법은 직접관찰법, 치아모형, 임상사진을 이용하는 방법이 있다. 최근 스캐너를 이용한 치아마모 평가법도 소개되고 있다. 치아마모의 위험요소, 측정지표 및 측정방법들과 이와 관련된 문헌들을 고찰하여 각 측정지표와 방법들의 장단점을 비교하여 치아마모를 적절히 진단할 수 있는 방법에 대해 도출해 보았다.
Tooth wear is gradually increasing with increasing life expectancy. In particular, it is important to establish a treatment plan in the early stages so that it does not proceed to moderate or severe wear stages. It is essential to diagnose tooth wear accurately in order to plan a treatment for it. There are many risk factors including age, diet, and drugs which affects tooth wear. For the diagnosis of a tooth wear, appropriate index and evaluation method should be used. There were various tooth wear indices such as TWI, Lussi index, BEWE, and TWES. The evaluation method includes clinical examination, dental cast examination and clinical photographs. Recently, a 3D scanner is being used to assess tooth wear. The risk factors, tooth wear evaluation system, the methods of measuring tooth wear, and related literature were reviewed. The strengths and weaknesses of each index and evaluation methods were compared to derive a proper way to diagnose tooth wear.
주요어 : 치아마모; 치아부식; 진단; 지표; 위험인자
Keywords : tooth wear; dental erosion; diagnosis; index; risk factor

September 2019, 35 (3)
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