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치간부 골내낭의 치주재생치료에서 골막이식의 부가적 사용 증례
Additional use of autogenous periosteal barrier membrane combined with regenerative therapy in the interproximal intrabony defects: case series
J Dent Rehabil Appl Sci 2017;33(3):230-237
Published online September 30, 2017
© 2017 Korean Academy of Stomatognathic Function and Occlusion.

김현주, 김형민, 이주연*
Hyun-Joo Kim, Hyung-min Kim, Ju-Youn Lee*

부산대학교 치의학전문대학원 치주과학교실

Department of Periodontology, School of Dentistry and Dental Research Institute, Pusan National University, Yangsan, Republic of Korea
* 교신저자: 이주연 (50612)경상남도 양산시 물금읍 금오로 20 부산대학교 치의학전문대학원 치주과학교실 Tel: 055-360-5202|Fax: 055-360-5194|E-mail:
* Correspondence to: Ju-Youn Lee Professor, Department of Periodontology, School of Dentistry, Pusan National University, Dental Research Institute, 20 Geumo-ro, Beomeo-ri, Mulgeum-eup, Yangsan, 50612, Republic of Korea Tel: +82-55-360-5202, Fax: +82-55-360-5194, E-mail:
Received July 17, 2017; Revised July 31, 2017; Accepted August 3, 2017.
cc This is an Open-Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License ( which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
치간부 골내낭의 치주재생치료는 수술 후 발생할 수 있는 비심미성 때문에 치과의사에게 힘든 과제이다. 본 연구에서는 이러한 문제점을 해결하기 위해 치간부 골내낭의 bovine bone mineral과 enamel matrix derivative (EMD)를 이용한 재생 수술에 골막을 포함한 결합조직 이식을 동반한 임상증례를 소개하고자 한다. 임상적 및 방사선학적인 검사는 술 전과 수술 6개월 이후 시행하였다. 모든 임상 지표들이 개선되었고, 방사선학적 검사에서 골내낭이 감소함을 확인할 수 있었다. 또한, 부가적인 결합조직이식을 통해 치간부 연조직의 증대 및 형태 개선으로 인한 심미성이 증진되는 효과도 확인할 수 있었다.
Regenerative therapy in an interproximal intrabony defect is a challenge due to unaesthetic appearance after surgery. In this article, we introduce a case series of additional use of autogenous periosteal barrier membrane combined with bovine bone mineral and enamel matrix derivative (EMD) in interproximal periodontal intrabony defects to overcome an aforementioned shortcoming. During the periodontal regenerative surgery, autogenous periosteal membrane was additionally adopted besides xenograft material and EMD. Clinical and radiographic examinations were performed before surgery and 6 months after surgical treatment. All clinical parameters were improved and the intrabony defects were resolved on the radiography 6 months after surgery. Moreover, soft tissue esthetics such as the contour of interdental papilla was better than that of conventional regenerative therapy. Periodontal regenerative therapy using several graft materials and bioactive materials was effective in the treatment of periodontal intrabony defect. Moreover, using of autogenous periosteal barrier membrane combined with xenograft and EMD has additional effect for the treatment of an interproximal intrabony defect in terms of augmentation of interdental soft tissue volume.
주요어 : 법랑기질단백질; 조직유도재생술; 골막
Keywords : enamel matrix proteins; guided tissue regeneration; periosteum

September 2017, 33 (3)
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