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Table. 1.

Composition and setting time of the sealers according to the manufacturers or previous study19,20

Sealer Manufacturer Composition Setting time
CeraSeal (CS) Meta Biomed, Cheongju, Korea Tricalcium silicates, dicalcium silicates, calcium aluminates, zirconium oxides, thickening agents 3.5 h
AH Plus Bioceramic (AHB) Dentsply DeTrey GmbH, Konstanz, Germany Zirconium dioxide, tricalcium silicate, dimethyl sulfoxide, lithium carbonate, thickening agents 2 - 4 h
One-Fil (OF) Mediclus, Cheongju, Korea Calcium aluminosilicate compound, zirconium oxide, hydrophilic polymer (thickening agent) 0.5 h (2.5 h in canal)
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